Syntax Highlighting with Pygments is failing via Liquid Templates String Error

Author: Infong Date: 19 Nov 2011 Category: code Comments

I’m using Jekyll to convert my markdown and Pygments for syntax highlighting.

Here is the error maruku displays:

Liquid error: undefined method `join' for "\n song_info = []\n for song in songs:\n song_info.append( \n":String

The markup is as follows:

    song_info = []
    for song in songs:

Testing Pygments in iPython produces no errors.

So I reverted the liquid gem to version 2.2.2 as a workaround. Seems like a bug in the 2.3.0 version’s pygments support, or Jekyll’s use of it.

$ sudo gem uninstall liquid
$ sudo gem install liquid --version '2.2.2'


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